Backyard Bird Photography

Sharing photographs I take of the birds and enjoying the beauty of nature.
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Hooded Oriole full body showing tail

I had to pull the zoom back to fit him in the frame, so it not a close portrait, but it’s effective.

Hooded Oriole bath series redux

In this one, it’s interesting how the bird gets wetter and wetter. Also, I decided to concentrate on its moments between bathing, rather than try to get action shots and standing shots in the…

Nanday Parakeet flies from one perch to another

I like this series. Like a film. The bird at the top, center right, jumps to the perch at the right.

Let's have a drink

Great novelty shot here, I love it.

The Story of the Backlit Hooded Oriole

He addresses the feeder; sticks his tongue out; then flies off.

The Story of the Hooded Oriole Bath

He stands in the birdbath.He gets started.He picks up steam.Time for a break.

Hooded Oriole with feeder in the shadow

Usually I don’t take photographs when the sun isn’t on all of the subject, but this effect has contrast.

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