Flowers must be the last thing that comes to mind when you think about decorating your Christmas tree. However, many people decided that tinsel and bulbs aren’t enough this year. Some use fake flowers, others prefer real or dried flowers, but the result i

Pinos de navidad 2015 - 2016


A beautiful way to decorate your Christmas tree. deco mesh, artificial gold poinsettias, flower sprays, and ornaments. Red and gold always goes elegantly together.

Deco Mesh on Christmas tree! Genius idea! Turned out so good!!

Christmas tree - white and light blue; needs more ornaments, but the deco mesh garland looks amazing

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Outdoor Christmas Planter I'd like to try adding some hats and gloves to add some whimsical flair! Maybe a scarf as some garland? that may be overboard!

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Las reglas de modales en la mesa a las que NO PUEDES FALTAR