Feo línea de vidrio por debajo de linea de peldaños. Feo que se pierde la…

Belle association bois-verre et béton pour un escalier / Restaurante Rio Bistrô e Lounge - Brasília DF - Brasil. Projeto Rosset e Rozsanyi Arquitetura

Diseño de escalera. Visto en www.momocca.com

www aminkhoury com Beautiful modern home mid-century modern amin c khoury modern house amin khoury modern architecture

Baldosas cuadradas de formato 5x5, increíble retícula. // Pirates Bay House…

Pirates Bay House / O'Connor and Houle Architecture

Modernist leather and steel lounge chair AP originals 1960

Modernist leather and steel lounge chair AP originals 1960

Preciosa pared de madera                                                       …

"Reclaimed wood accent walls make a lovely backdrop to a moody room. You don’t have to cover the whole wall, just a small section works too. It will do the job without having to go overboard on it.

Wooden staircase with 44 continuous steps! designed by Tokyo architect Akihisa…

Modern Japanese home with beautiful, continuous, wooden staircase designed by Tokyo architect Akihisa Hirata.

Acabado escalera. Escalera continua: pintura negra, sobre esta recubrimiento de…

Y Duplex Penthouse / Pitsou Kedem Architects

A Duplex Penthouse Apartment by Pitsou Kedem Architects. The new staircase creates a sense of separation within the interior, while tying in materials, like steel and wood, that you’ll see throughout the space.

Construido por Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop en Mumbai, India con…

Departamento SDM / Arqmov Workshop

Mumbai house Waves of wood form staircase at SDM Apartment by Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop

VINTAGE & CHIC: decoración vintage para tu casa · vintage home decor…

A modern garage coffee shop, tastefully mixed with wood walls. While wood walls usually add an earthy feel to a room, they're used here to provide balance for the contemporary metal of the garage and chairs.

muros decorativos en madera alemania - Buscar con Google

muros decorativos en madera alemania - Buscar con Google