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Happy Tuesday, Bombers and Bombshells! Now, today, I chose to spotlight a young woman who has played a large role in supplying me with some of the best sar

DIY Curl Cream

Here is a a new natural hair care DIY curl cream that uses pure aloe vera gel, coconut oil, and shea butter to give you the most beautiful curly hair youve ever had by only using this magical DIY curl cream!

Apply This Homemade Mask On Your Hair and Wait For 15 Minutes. The Effects Will Leave You Breathless!

In this article today we’re offering you a natural solution that will make your hair beautiful and strong in a very fast time. This is a homemade remedy and itwill help you restore all the lost nutrients, but it will also strengthen your roots! At this po

16 Trucos que te ayudarán a lucir impecable cada día

16 Simple Life Hacks to Help You Look Great Every Single Day Clingy pants that stick to your legs, new shoes that don’t quite fit right, a t-shirt that shran.