Dress with floral print. Pattern.

«ШИТЬЁ И КРОЙ / СОВЕТЫ /Технология шитья »

Boatneck and dirndl, especially in a pretty cotton pattern, makes for old-fashioned glam

How to Sew BRA

Шитье и моделирование одежды

This looks like a bra pattern but I think it could be used to create a style bathing suit

El costurero de Stella: Trazo detallado de básico de manga

Trazo detallado de básico de manga

Hacemos el patrón del vestido entallado | Aprender manualidades es facilisimo.com

Patrón de vestido entallado: ¡Toma nota!

Trucos para ayudarles a aprender las tablas de multiplicar del 2, 5 y 9

This multiplication chart can be a great tool when teaching your child multiplication. It's free and printable as a pdf. Use our helpful tips when teaching the times tables.



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