superoriginal árbol de navidad

What a great way to display a special bauble. Whether it's baby's first Christmas, or your first Christmas married, or even one you bought on holiday. This will make it the focus of attention x More Mehr

el gallinero donde nos encantaba jugar y pasar tormentas y saliamos llenas de Piojillos

'Rooster and Hen' I just thought that this is a beautiful quaint painting of a Rooster and his Pullets or Hens!

Botella d vino decorada con porcelana fria

Wine Bottle Santa by Mary Schwaiger - I loved receiving this as a gift from The Artist herself because I know she painted & sculpted it with love!

Nieve dulcero

Plush Character Basket looks cute on tables, counters or buffets. He wears a holiday hat with holly and fabric accents and holds an attached bamboo basket that'