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Rietplas Houten the Netherlands by etiennehessels1

Rietplas Houten the Netherlands - Pinned by Mak Khalaf City and Architecture sluitertijdLong ExposureLuchtNovemberRietplasSonySony by

Venice at dusk

The 20 Most Beautiful Places in Italy

Venice at dusk Early evening is our favorite time to marvel at this architectural wonder—the sun reflecting off the water casts a glow that, coupled with the echo of the constantly lapping waves, becomes something magical.

35PHOTO - Минаев Павел - Измайлово (Pavel Minaev, Izmailovo: apparently in Moscow)

Sunset in the Izmailovo Kremlin in Moscow, Russia

Reflections of Gorinchem

Reflections of Gorinchem by Herman van den Berge - Photo 144135161 -

Ingyenes fénykép: Budapest, Éjszaka, Híd, Fények - Ingyenes kép a Pixabay-en…

Ingyenes kép a Pixabay-en - Budapest, Éjszaka, Híd, Fények

The 20 Most Beautiful Places in Italy

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