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four different types of sea animals on a black background
Phylum Tardigrada
an old book with drawings of different types of animals and insects on it's pages
Biomedical Ephemera, or: A Frog for Your Boils
an image of a butterfly in the shape of a caterpillarl on a black background
Colorful Water Bear Photo Wins Life Science Imaging Prize
an image of a circle with various symbols in the shape of a fist on it
Don't mess with a Tardigrade!
the microscopic tardigrade, or water bear
an animal cell is shown in this close up photo, with the cells exposed to reveal red and brown hair
Tardigrades - indestructible animals | DinoAnimals.com
four different types of fleas in their natural habitat
Science water bear also called as Tardigrades
Visible crawling Tardigrades
Here is a closeup view of a famously tough Tardigrade.
Balcony Tardigrade!