Mariana Wittingham Villamil

Mariana Wittingham Villamil

Mariana Wittingham Villamil
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grey + black + olive + nude ♚ done and done.

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Easy Dorm or Bedroom ideas to DIY: Avoid A Patterned Bedspread

From warm comfort to calm serenity, these colorful geometrical interiors offer it all. This is a space for boundless creativity and unmatched individuality.

"The Iced Coffee Recipe Starbucks doesn't want you to know" by GQ. IT'S BEEN RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE THIS WHOLE TIME.

Iced Vietnamese Coffee: Use 2 shots espresso with shot of sweetened condensed milk - it is delicious! (It's beautiful as pictured but the HOT espresso & condensed milk should be well blended before pouring over ice in tall glass!

Fall is the time that you can find both stylish and practical outfits no matter what your age is. Here is a collection of 80 fall outfit ideas. We love fall, and we think fall is the favorite season for all women. What clothing is both fashionable and pr