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Marketing Women - Authenticity is Key!
What women value is pretty much everything from work and growth, to autonomy and family. If your brand stands for positive, life-affirming, or empowering attributes- if your brand is inclusive and diverse - that emotional connection may also help in aligning the consumer with your business. Click to read how your business can better market to women! #digitalmarketing #businesswomen #smallbusiness #onlinemarketing #womeninbuisness
a desk with a keyboard, mouse and other items on it that says a quick guide on how to use hashtags
A Quick Guide on How to Use Hashtags
When choosing hashtags, it is essential to pick something that people are usually searching for and can easily remember. A hashtag should be simple, specific, unique, and relevant. #UseHashtags #HashtagGuide
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7 Reasons 50 Million+ Businesses Created A LinkedIn Company Page
Are you trying to build awareness for your business, acquire leads or even trying to hire top talents to join your company? If you are trying to achieve any of the above, then a LinkedIn company page is a must have in your business strategy.
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Use Content Strategies On LinkedIn
So, are you on LinkedIn? If yes, then are you using LinkedIn to build engagement and is it a strategy you run to get more clients? Or, is it just a place where you had a CV on and maybe used it once or twice to checkout job opportunities? But the real question is, what strategies can you use on LinkedIn and how can you use them correctly, to get more clients?
the front cover of an easy to create linked in stories book, with text overlaided
How to create LinkedIn Stories +FREE Templates - Easil
Access 11 FREE DIY Design templates and ideas that you can use to step up your LinkedIn Stories! #linkedin #freetemplates #diydesign
a woman sitting at a desk with a book on it and the title, my guide to help you minimize your linkedin for business
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal Schaffer
LinkedIn continues to be the best place for professional networking and B2B social media marketing. Similar to influencer marketing, marketers have tended to dismiss LinkedIn when they talk about social media marketing options. I have been creating a free ebook for sometime with best practices for using LinkedIn, and I'm psyched to announce that my newest version is now available for download. Listen to the full episode for an introduction and details on how to get your free copy!
the untapped cold mine of linkedin with an image of a woman smiling
026: The Untapped Gold Mine of LinkedIn - Kelly Lawson
026: The Untapped Gold Mine of LinkedIn - Kelly Lawson
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My TOP 5 Tips For Finding Clients on LinkedIn — Go Digital Diva
I’ve been on LinkedIn for years, for corporate and then utilizing it for my business growth. I’ve had good success with not only gaining clients and leads from this platform - but also authentically creating connections and building professional network referrals.
someone typing on a laptop with the words best practices for social networking
Best Practices for Growing Your Social Network
Networking is an essential part of work and life – and it has never been more important. When you meet new people, it widens your circle. That in turn brings you closer to the resources, opportunities, prospects, and clients you need to enhance your career and/or build your business. Click to read 'how' to grow your social network online! #socialmedia #networking #onlinemarketing #marketing
a lighthouse with the words how to optimize your linkedin profile for better visibility
How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Better Visibility
Want to optimize your LinkedIn profile for visibility? Wondering which sections of your profile are most important? In this article, you’ll discover how to use your LinkedIn profile to make a strong first impression with prospects and connections. #LinkedIn #SocialMedia #SocialMediaExaminer
10 ways to use the new linkedin mobile app
10 Ways to Use the New LinkedIn Mobile App
Have you tried out the new LinkedIn app? The new LinkedIn app makes it easy for marketers on the go to do nearly everything they’d do on a desktop from a mobile device. In this article, I’ll share 10 ways to use the new LinkedIn mobile app to stay in touch with your professional contacts. Via @smexaminer.
someone holding a phone with the text how to access your linkedin company page performance
How to Assess Your LinkedIn Company Page Performance
Using key metrics to benchmark your LinkedIn company page performance against your competitors’ pages will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. In this article, you’ll discover how to analyze your LinkedIn efforts and find out what’s working for your competition.
the cover of how to use linkedin to connect with prospective people's needs
How to Use LinkedIn to Connect With Prospects : Social Media Examiner
Do you use LinkedIn to find business opportunities? LinkedIn has a number of features that make it easy to develop relationships with the right prospects for your business. In this article, you’ll discover four ways to use LinkedIn for business. Via @smexaminer.
how to make your linkedin company page stand out in social media eximie
How to Make Your LinkedIn Company Page Stand Out
Want to create a stronger presence for your company on LinkedIn? Wondering how others are using company pages to support their business goals? In this article, you�ll discover how 10 prominent businesses are making the most of LinkedIn and 4 key componen
how to use linkedin sales navigator for better prospecting in social media
How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Better Prospecting
Improvements to Sales Navigator give marketers an edge in lead generation, business development, and brand awareness on LinkedIn.