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Go look right now and make sure your account is set to PUBLIC. That is step #1. Step #2 - Get your email and contact phone number filled in. Step #3 - Add your business page as a 'WORK PLACE'
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Should You Dive into SEO or Facebook Ads?
In today’s episode, I wanted to talk about whether you should focus on Facebook ads or dive into learning SEO for your business. Both are great, I’m not saying one is better than the other. But, if you only have time / resources for one, here are my thoughts.
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Marketing Women - Authenticity is Key!
What women value is pretty much everything from work and growth, to autonomy and family. If your brand stands for positive, life-affirming, or empowering attributes- if your brand is inclusive and diverse - that emotional connection may also help in aligning the consumer with your business. Click to read how your business can better market to women! #digitalmarketing #businesswomen #smallbusiness #onlinemarketing #womeninbuisness
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Contacting Facebook - Directory of Forms
If you’ve ever had a reason to contact Facebook, chances are you may have felt frustrated at how difficult it is to get any support. Don't worry - help is at hand! My team and I scoured Facebook (and Google!) for you and have compiled this helpful directory of Facebook’s contact forms. As we become aware of more, I’ll add to this directory. #facebook #facebookdirectory #google #contactforms #socialmedia #directory
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How To Stream Like A Pro!
Learn how to create a stunning, professional home studio (on a budget!), broadcast confidently with Facebook Live, and generate real, measurable results from your streaming videos. (Yes, actually make money from going live on Facebook! I’ll show you how, step-by-step.) NEW! Online training program with LIVE coaching by Premier Facebook Marketing Expert, Mari Smith - click to register! #facebook #facebooklive #livevideo #videomarketing #livestream
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Tips for Creating a Facebook Sales Funnel
In today’s noisy digital world, prospects and customers need between 13 and 20 touchpoints before committing to a purchase. You can’t just publish a piece of content on Facebook and hope for the sales to come. You have to give your prospect the care and information they deserve through a process called a ‘funnel.’ And, when you have the right one in place, incorporating organic and paid touches, you have set your small business up for success. Click to learn how! #facebookk #salesfunnel
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Hashtags On Facebook Help Increase Your Organic Reach - Best Practices
Hashtags On Facebook Help Increase Your Organic Reach - Best Practices. Using hashtags on Facebook FINALLY makes a difference. First launched in 2013, Facebook is now pushing the use of #hashtags in posts to help increase ORGANIC reach and content discoverability ... just like on Instagram. Let's discuss hashtag best practices... how many hashtags, which ones, where to place them, how to research them, etc.
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Facebook Marketing Essentials Course
Are you struggling to make Facebook and Instagram work for you this year? You're not alone! Get exactly what you need to grow your business! Due to popular demand, I'm bringing back 'Season 2' of my Facebook Marketing Essentials online training program. Come learn how to grow your business using Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger to get real, measurable results. #facebookcourse #facebookmarketing #facebookessentials #onlinecourse #instagramcourse
Facebook Marketing Essentials
Facebook and Instagram have rolled out 14 changes, updates and new products in the past six months! How do these impact your business? Come get the inside scoop in my new Facebook Marketing Essentials Season Two Online Training Course! Includes Facebook Shops, Paid Online Events, Hashtags now work on Facebook, LIVE shopping (so pumped about this one!). #facebooktraining #facebookshops #facebookads #socialmediamarketing #instagramforbusiness
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How to Choose Social Media Influencers
The right social media influencer can bring much-needed attention to your small business. By introducing your business, product, or service to an influencer’s audience of raving fans, it can boost your visibility while helping generate engagement, leads and sales. The key, however, is finding the right social media influencer. Let me break the considerations down for you - click to read more! #socialmedia #socialmediainfluencers #influencers
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The New Facebook Design: A Guided Tour by Mari Smith
The New Facebook Design: A Guided Tour by Mari Smith
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8 Foolproof Ways to Maximize Your Viral Facebook Post | Sarah Elizabeth
To grow your Facebook business page you obviously need engagement but what do you do when it happens? In this post I give you 8 foolproof ways to maximize a Facebook business page post that goes viral. As part of your Facebook marketing strategy you want your Facebook page to work with your website and I tell you what you need to have in place. Read more here! | Sarah Elizabeth Facebook Strategist #Facebookengagementposts #howtouseFacebookforbusiness
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8 Facebook Hidden Features You Probably Didn’t Know
8 Facebook Hidden Features You Probably Didn’t Know! There are so many Facebook tips and things to know about to keep yourself and business up to date on Facebook. When we are using any kind of social media platform, we can see many different features. So, here are 8 awesome Facebook hidden features you should try out in 2020! #Facebooktips #Soiclamediatips #facebook marketing #Workfromhome #Facebook
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5 Ways To Grow Your Online Business With Facebook Ads | Rebecca Thatcher
Are #FacebookAds right for my business? I get asked this question a lot and every time my answer is YES. If you still need convincing, here are 5 reasons why you should, without a doubt, include Facebook advertising in your Digital Marketing plans!
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*New* Boosted Video App for Facebook and Instagram
If you’re not regularly creating and publishing video on your Facebook page, it’s time to get going! Video on Facebook gets the best reach and engagement. Create thumb-stopping, eye-catching short videos in the palm of your hand with BOOSTED: Video Maker by Lightricks. Click to read how! #videoapp #videomarketing #facebook #videotools