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a person is pouring water into a jar with lemons and lavender flowers in the background
Lavender Lemonade - Love is in my Tummy
three bowls filled with different colored liquids on top of a white countertop next to two silver cups
a person holding a spoon over a cup of coffee with cinnamon and spices around it
Happiness Powder | Herbal Coffee, Serotonin + Dopamine
a platter filled with cheese, crackers and olives
two glasses filled with lemonade and lavender sprigs on ice next to sliced lemons
Receitas Testadas e Aprovadas - Espaço Natelie
two glasses filled with ice and purple flowers
Nectar and Stone - HOORAY! Mag
a glass filled with water and flowers on top of a table
Tinkture Organic Rose Gin
Credit: @samishome on TikTok
a glass filled with ice and flowers on top of a wooden table
Faça você mesmo | Gelos decorados para bebidas - Casando Sem Grana
a purple drink with lavender sprinkles on the rim in a wine glass
Lilac Lavender Gin Sour
three glasses filled with lavender lemonade on top of a wooden table next to sliced lemons
Lavender Tea Lemonade
there is a drink on the table with mint and cucumber garnish
Cucumber Blue - Empress 1908 Gin
a pink cocktail garnished with flowers and greenery sits on a wooden table
Gin Garnishes & Botanicals
two glasses filled with watermelon and herbs on top of a white table next to sliced figs
Pink G and Tonics with Fig Syrup recipe by The Margarita Mum | The Feedfeed
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