Empanadas de Plátano maduro rellenas de queso - Recetas Judias

Empanadas de Plátano maduro rellenas de queso

Coco Loco (Colombian Coconut Cocktail) para 4 personas Ingredientes:  Cubos de hielo 1/4 taza de ron o al gusto 1/4 taza de vodka o al gusto 1/4 taza de tequila o al gusto 2 tazas de crema de coco 1 taza de agua de coco El jugo de 3 limones Rodajas de limón para servir

Coco Loco Colombiano

Coco Loco (Colombian Coconut Cocktail) About 4 servings Ice cubes as needed cup rum or to your taste cup vodka or to your taste cup tequila or to your taste cups coconut cream 1 cup coconut water Juice of 3 limes Lime slices to serve

Platanos maduros asados con queso / de aqui soy!! mmmmm dos por favor!!

O MY GOODNESS! Ripe plantains stuffed with cheese--I want to try this with contija cheese. This recipe uses mozzarella but queso de freir is good too. Sweet and Savory and total craving food!

Aborrajados de Plátano Maduro

Aborrajados de Platáno Maduro

Colombian food: Aborrajados (Ripe Plantain Fritters) This delicious side dish or snack can be prepared in different ways. If you like, you can add some guava paste between the plantains to go along with the cheese.

Pan Blandito Colombiano (Colombian Soft Bread) |mycolombianrecipes.com

Pan Blandito Colombiano

You may be familiar with the horror stories around me and homemade bread baking. But every now and then I manage to pull one off and it gives me hope!

Receta de Pan de Yuca en español

Pan de Yuca Colombiano

Pan de yuca is a traditional Colombian bread made with yuca flour and cheese. It is delicious with a cup of hot chocolate for breakfast or for an afternoon

receta de almojabanas en español

Almojábanas Colombianas



Salsa de Ajo is a popular and simple Colombian sauce made with a mixture of mayonnaise, fresh garlic, lime juice and cilantro. In Colombia this garlic sauce is

Cazuela de mariscos - Colombia

12 deliciosos platos colombianos que puedes cocinar en cualquier parte del mundo

This a fabulous seafood dish and it is one of our favourites for special dinners. It's both an aphrodisiac and a good hearty thick soup.

Receta: Bandeja Paisa

Bandeja Paisa (Paisa Platter)