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an abstract painting with red and white colors
SHANE CAMPBELL GALLERY — Zak Prekop - Artist Page
SHANE CAMPBELL GALLERY — Zak Prekop - Artist Page
a woman wearing a red, white and black hat with pearls on it's head
sayat nova (sergei parajanov, 1968)
Sergei Paradjanov - Sayat Nova Inspiration, Fotos, Random, Photo, Deep, Portrait Inspiration, Modern
Sergei Paradjanov - Sayat Nova
Saints, Once Upon A Time, Statue, Knight, Dark Fantasy, Saint George And The Dragon, Saint George, The Dragon, Knight Armor
Saint George Slays the Dragon - Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites
Mascara, Cosplay, Masks Masquerade, Mascaras, Masquerade, Mask
a white mannequin head with black feathers and spikes on it's face
three masks with different designs on them sitting next to each other
The Art of the Mask:
three white masks with blue and gold designs on them