gooseberrymoon: Perfect packaging {gift bags}

Cute DIY gift bag alternative idea - use an edge punch on the top of a paper lunch bag, fold over, punch a single hole in the middle of the fold, and tie together with a home made tag.

Bolsa de Papel

This woman is an artist. 31 ways to wrap presents. The whole website is unbelievable.I'll never throw old jeans away again.

Creative : Eleven Rad Ways To Wrap Gifts  Cute bonbon style wrapping at Creature Comforts

packaging : brown paper bag, craft punch circles, paper strips for a faux ribbon. Easy DIY gift or favor wrap.

Cómo hacer una bolsa de papel

Cómo hacer una bolsa de papel

Lanterns con bolsas de papel y blondas

Luminaries Use gold doilies on the inside of white luminary bags and flameless tea lights. You can cut the bags to be different sizes. If you want to use different colored bags use darker colored doilies.

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