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Комикс Living with HipsterGirl & GamerGirl: выпуск

#51 Right Tune by Morloth88

Here five of the beloved stories are retold, set in a modern world. --> These are actually really clever.

Stained Glass Cinderella by CallieClara on DeviantArt

Stained Glass Belle by CallieClara on DeviantArt

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo by on @DeviantArt

Cinderella (Stained Glass by MandieManzano

Ripper - image

Ripper - image<<<I pity those policemen for having to witness a bloody mess like this.

soysheik personajes - Buscar con Google

Me pasa a diario xc

we were polar opposites, I was water and she was fire yet we bent the rules of physics and became friends, BEST FREINDS at that. then it all went south when he showed up, wind. (open role play, my name is sam)

Fire and water adventure time style

My honeymoon gone wrong

(My honeymoon gone wrong comic).

Girl in the Window

Girl in the Window <<<<< Ahhhh Ahhhh Ahhh D:

Like mother, like daughter

Like mother, like daughter -- Ariel (The Little Mermaid) and Melody (The Little Mermaid : Return To The Sea)<<< this was a clever way to reuse animation.