sushi and chopsticks on a table with hello kitty stickers next to it
꒰🍁꒱ 爱⁷
a pink hello kitty themed plate with french fries and a burger on it, next to a stuffed animal
ichi ❤︎ on Twitter
there are some pink cake balls with faces on them
a bowl filled with soup and a hello kitty decoration
Hello Kitty Deco Curry Rice Mold
a hello kitty plate with broccoli and rice in it
two ice cream sundaes with hello kitty decorations ❤ Japanese Candy Subscription Box
there are sushi on the plate with chopsticks next to it and hello kitty bottle
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there is a drink on the table with hello kitty written on it and other drinks
a cup filled with lots of different types of ice cream
Cᥙtᥱ 🐹 Soft 🐇Ƈυ∂∂ℓу🧸 on Twitter
a lunch box filled with lots of different foods and veggie trays on top of it
★My Yummy Week On the Web★ #19
some kind of sushi that is on a plate
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there is a small pink cake on the table