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an old water well in the middle of a field
make a small version for chickens or ducks to pool rainwater and have shade in the summer
a small stream running through a forest filled with leaf covered ground next to tall trees
40 Times People Had No Idea What They Were Looking At, But The Internet Knew What It Was Right Away
Water Flows From A Culvert Beneath A Trail Into This Circular Pool, Then Continues On Into The Woods. What's The Pool's Purpose?
a man is painting a large pool in the middle of a yard with rocks and grass
Garden pool
Incredible Backyard Ecosystem Pond in Australia 🌿
How incredible is this backyard in New South Wales, Australia? This amazing design is an Aquascape Ecosystem Pond which can be enjoyed either on land or by water! 🌿💧 Would you swim in this? Project by: Goldleaf Landscaping using Aquascape Products. @goldleaf_____landscaping on Instagram.
there is a rock wall next to the water and purple flowers in the foreground
Heirloom bearded iris harvested last year from on our farm and replanted by the swimming pond.
two benches sitting on a dock next to a body of water with a pavilion in the background
Making an existing pond bigger
a wooden boat sitting on top of a lake
Fishing platforms | Disabled fishing pegs | Jetties | Case Studies | London | South East | UK-SWM
two wooden benches sitting on the side of a river next to a lush green field
a small pond in the middle of a grassy area with two lawn chairs and a hammock
a man sitting in the middle of a pool surrounded by grass and bushes, under a cloudy sky
30 Cool Round Pools For Small Backyards - Shelterness
a raised round pool clad with stone and covered with greenery is integrated into natural surroundings perfectly
an outdoor swimming pool with steps leading up to it and trees in the back ground
Inside Andrew Bird and Katherine Tsina’s Low-Maintenance, Mediterranean-Inspired Garden
an unfinished concrete pit in the middle of a yard
How to Build Swim Spas With Basic Do It Yourself Skills