Mini atrapasueños :3

DIY Dreamcatcher Ideas

Heart-shaped page marker origam

Origami is a little tricky for them because they don't have the dexterity, but with a little help they made origami bookmarks and christmas trees as an activity. They had fun with it. Folded Paper Heart Book Page Marker – DIY

Ganchos para ropa mini

33 Creative Scrapbook Ideas Every Crafter Should Know

corazón! mas difícil de lo que luce!

Quick tip: heart shaped paper clips! So gonna do this to all my paperclips.


Corner Bookmarks How To & Designs

We adore making Bookmarks and these corner bookmarks are GREAT fun to make and give. So many different designs for all seasons - with more to come (check back regularly! From Bunny Bookmarks for Easter, to Minion Bookmarks for Minion fans. I adore th

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Dibujos para letra timoteo - Imagui

Dibujos para letra timoteo - Imagui