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an empty room with green walls and black animals on it's wall decals
Little England nursery and pre-school by Massimo Adiansi. - DecoPeques
a dog sitting on top of a desk next to two pink chairs
O ponto de partida para este projeto foi o dinamismo. Dessa forma, as pinturas geométricas com cores vibrantes, tem como função trazer essa ideia de movimento e vitalidade que o espaço exige. Esse detalhe foi aplicado na maior parte dos ambientes, criando uma linguagem unica.
an office lobby with a reception desk and large glass doors
Modern Reception desks | Modular Reception counters | Reception seating
Reception desks | Reception Counters | Bespoke Corian desks
a room filled with lots of shelves covered in birds
The Cat's Meow Grooming & Boarding - Boarding
a dog sitting in front of a display case with food on it's sides
34 provas de que o Brasil fugiu completamente do nosso controle
a hospital room with an operating table and medical equipment on wheels in front of it
Clinique VETINPARIS | Olivier Chabaud Architectes
Clinique VETINPARIS | Olivier Chabaud Architectes
the hallway is clean and ready to be used for children's playtimes
Clinique vétérinaire de Saint-Maurice-sur-Dargoire (69)
a display in a store filled with lots of food and drink bottles next to each other
pets foods dispenser
the hallway is painted in bright colors and has an unusual ceiling light
Adorable Bone Shape Hanging Lamp Nursing Room Acrylic LED Pendant Light in White/Third Gear
the dog is sitting in the colorful display case
2020|PET SHOP BV on Behance
an empty bathroom with glass walls and tiled flooring is pictured in this image, there are no people or objects on the wall