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✿ Kimmidoll Illustration ~ "Chiaki" 'Joy' ✿ "My spirit is fun-loving and…

Kimmidoll Illustration ~ "Chiaki" 'Joy' "My spirit is fun-loving and playful. With your sense of fun you share my playful spirit. By always finding the fun in everything you do, you have discovered the secret to a joyful life.

saya kimidoll

✿ Kimmidoll Illustration ~ "Saya" 'Affectionate' ✿ "My spirit is warm and generous. With your warm-hearted and tender nature you share my spirit. May your gentle and generous affection endear you, and bring you close to those you love.

Wishlist - Kimmidoll calendar 2012, via Flickr.

'Charming' "My spirit is outgoing and loveable. Your amiable and friendly nature allows my spirit to shine. May your engaging manner and captivating charm bring true love and lasting friendships your way.