Decoraciones navideñas usando cajas de madera

Here's my "junky" version of the Nativity scene done with repurposed rustic crates. It's almost identical to how I did it last year. I tr.

Fontanini nativity, I think I need to do this! I just love the rocks!

And the best part is, it is very simple to recreate your very own Fontanini display, whether it be in your home or store! Thank you to Kim for pinning!

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The Christmas Belen - a holiday tradition on Guam with depictions of the Nativity scene in various models of figurines. In this set, the Fontanini by Roman is displayed with real moss and rocks.

A great project by Ces Legaspi using everyday materials - it would make a lovely feature in any Village display!  Thanks for sharing, Ces!

My friend Ces Legaspi made this out of Pine Bark Nuggets, Liquid Nails and Model Train scatter materials.

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