corona navidad DIY muy ingenioso 2

Ingeniosa corona de navidad

I have Mum's vintage beads from a broken necklace in these colours this is the perfect inspiration to make a bracelet from them

original maceta!

All She Used Was Clothespins and A Tuna Can - Page 2 of 2

Make a planter out of an empty tuna can and some clothes-pins or little storage buckets for small electronic items - I pods, ear buds, USB connectors, Camcorder connectors, etc.

As you scroll down these images, you will be satisfied to see that this is just as simple as I claimed.  See for yourself. So, they used it as a planter and a candle holder.  What will you use it for?  I was thinking about putting q-tips, cotton balls and other bath items in it. …

All She Used Was Clothespins and A Tuna Can - Page 2 of 2

Here is the video tutorial on how to make a door lock out of a fork! If you can afford a fancy security system, go for it. Do you have any security hacks?

Cute crochet slippers with Soles

Cotton yarn and flip flops combine to make super comfy crochet slippers with soles in this free crochet pattern! These are perfect for warmer weather too!

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