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the medical stickers are arranged in different shapes and sizes, including heart, lungs, stethoscope
Pegatinas: Greys Anatomy
a sticker with the great wave on it
Pegatinas: Tumblr
the periodic table of the elements sticker
Pegatinas: Science
a group of people in scrubs sitting on top of a wheel chair sticker
Pegatinas: Greys Anatomy
an old sticker with the word anne on it and a pipe sticking out of it
Pegatinas: Anne With An E
two blue and white koi fish stickers in the shape of a circle on a white background
a drawing of the earth on top of a stand with two stars in it sticker
Tienda de Hannah DeBord | Redbubble
two people sitting next to each other on a white background
Pegatinas: Anne With An E
a sticker with an image of a dragon reading a book and the word voce on it
Pegatina 'Pegatina Mushu Reading Vogue' de LysMorrison