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The juxtaposition of the color in the swing with the monochrome photograph is very poignant.

I found this image whilst browsing and its by an artist called Merve Ozaslan who works with photo montage a lot in his work.

Illustration over photography

i like the Illustration over photography. The addition of the slimy, dripping gooey-ness makes the image really come to life

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Adam Hale es un artista británico dedicado al collage que explica que todo su trabajo está realizado a mano, utilizando “London’s free magazines” de las que toma imágenes fuera de contexto y las ensambla, creando magníficas composiciones.

Photo by Adam Hale. I like this design because it is simple but neat. It seems to have a meaning which makes you think what is the designer trying to tell you through this design? I think the butterflies coming out was a nice touch to the design.