14 Diseños de uña perfectos para principiantes

14 Diseños de uña perfectos para principiantes

This is the perfect glitter ombre nail art. A black polish base coat is complemented w/ a glitter polish. For the ombre effect, paint just the bottom half or top half w/ glitter.

70 Fotos de uñas decoradas para la primavera – Spring Nail art | Decoración de Uñas - Manicura y Nail Art

We have gathered here for you some 42 cute ladybug nail art designs that you can go through and choose the best design for yourself.

La forma que podemos dar a nuestras uñas depende de dos cosas: a) Nuestro gusto personal b) La forma natural de nuestras uñas. Las formas principales de limarse las uñas las podéis ver en el esquem...

Take the guess work out of shaping your nails. Your sure to find the perfect shape for you!

Uñas en degrade a dos colores - Degrade nails two colors

Pour a dime-sized amount of two colors onto a piece of plastic wrap. Use a toothpick to blend the two colors together in the middle. Dip a sponge onto the polish and place on the nail, wiggling back and forth a little. Let dry.