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two people sitting on the floor with one taking a selfie in front of them
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two anime characters are standing next to each other
·˚。 #𝗵𝗮𝗿𝘂𝗺𝘂𝗻𝗶༉ ₊˚✧
two young men wearing black leather jackets and one is holding his head against the back of another man's shoulder
a girl with pink hair and glasses has the words blink if you want me painted on her face
a woman with blue hair and white bra is standing in front of a sign that says i love you
a digital painting of a woman's face with blue hair and moon in the background
-Rosé- Hi so ik this is a little different but this was inspired by kittiemarie0194edits on ig so follow her! Brush creds: @lachmolalax @saranso_art @hopejins Awesome chezes: @iamchezstrings @fqirydust @seventeensgentlemen @manipulationedits @1-800-felix @armyfromuniverse @armyblink135 @fxkesmilew @blackyellowlalisa @-sweetjoonie- @_keke_- @fqirydamelio- @nbrukman @xiluvlarrayx @jaelyndanso @yannaajmurchison @pevchescosmic @inmyheadari @lyra_aa @izaocana @blackpinkeddits @_keke_- @milly_mill @savusage @millie_fan1 @-bunbun @-littlelee- @awhkookie @luvbomm @1netflix2 @_lilsisinthecorner @pastel_taekook @-kpopsass- @janmars4 @weebthings_56 @charlottebarbara @aspeisse @stevenuniverse7710 @fentisland @chqnel @limelightxbutera @eternxl @sunflower_mango @a_l_a_i_n_a_ @bitqhes-brokenhearts @maddie_1428_1d @addixeasterling @whosgabby @ohdaddyo- @park_jimini_ @katykim_edits @-hxneyjoon @vivienne_bts @lyly_are_lyla @bts_studiio @iamchezstrings @rosie_blinkie @rosiedits @pjmz_bpink Comment me to be tagged #rose #rosé #roseanne #roseannepark #rosepark #rosépark #freetoedit #blackpink #roseblackpink #roséblackpink #roseanneblackpink #blackpinkrose #blackpinkrosé #blackpinkroseanne #manip #manipulation #manipedit #manipulationedit #parkchaeyoung #parkchaeyoungblackpink #blackpinkparkchaeyoung