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a cartoon character is standing in front of a window with words written on the side
an image of a baby with a stuffed animal in it's lap and the caption that says,
A través de mi ventana 📚
two people in the water, one is kissing another person's face and the other has
two different pictures with people sitting on the floor
a woman swimming in the water with her hand up to her face and another person reaching out
the text is written in spanish and english
Imaginas Suga ♡
a black and white poster with the words 1 la edad no deine la madurez 2 las notas no defhena tu intelgencia 3 los rumores no
MEMES 2 - Frases 2
the words are written in spanish on a white background with a black and white heart
Dios es fiel.
Sarcasmo Frases, Sarcasmo
Nunca tienes contenta a la gente - Imágenes con frases para compartir en Facebook
a white wall with the words, te van a citicar por tod tu vive para agora a dios
Vive para agradar a Dios
the words are written in spanish on a white background with an orange and black border
cuestión de fé, cuestión de amor...
two men in suits and ties sitting at a table with one holding the other's hand
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a woman wearing a graduation cap and holding her hand on her head with the caption'esta es unicaciona corona por la que la que voy a lucia