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an image of a bunch of diagrams that are in different stages of construction, including buildings and
AKSHAY URJA BHAVAN - net zero office building - Sem VI B design sheet
architectural drawings and renderings for houses in the woods, trees, and other places
Galería de Primer Lugar Las Americas Virtual Design Studio 2013 / Argentina - 11
Primer Lugar Las Americas Virtual Design Studio 2013 / Argentina,Lámina 02. Image Courtesy of Equipo Primer Lugar
an overview of the park's design and construction process, as well as its surrounding features
Park Design project for Konkuk University station plaza(Seoul, Korea). One of the team projects for park design class that started on March till April 26th of 2016. It is necessary for students in landscape architecture major to have team projects for preparation for the future projects. Landscape architecture is one of the interdisciplinary studies. It might need cooperation with civil engineering, architecture, social science, ecology, city planning and etc.