Feria de las Flores. Viaja con #Easyfly a #Medellin ciudad de flores de Colombia. Más aquí

In Santa Elena, Medellín, Colombia once a year the Feria de las Flores - Flower Festival takes place. In August this amazing party with shows, millions of flowers, music and food starts again!

Downtown Medellín, Colombia

"PUEBLITO PAISA" is located on the top of Nutibarra Hill (Cerro Nutibarra) in Medellin This replica of a typical turn of the century.

Medellin Colombia, Earth, Sweetie Belle

eterna primavera

From sunrise to sunset, Medellín, the City of Eternal Spring, is never dull. We're kinda sprung on it ourselves. Medellín, Colombia is now available on the HT app!

Medellin 1947 con WhatsApp 3005530422 #Angiexitosa

Medellin 1947 con WhatsApp 3005530422 #Angiexitosa