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two wooden shelves with books and flowers on them
DIY Pocket Shelves with Faux Cane Webbing
an open book with two hands and string attached to it
The Red Thread of Fate | Art Amino
a book with pictures on it sitting on top of a table
Great birthday card idea! | Diy birthday gifts for friends, Birthday cards for boyfriend, Friend birthday gifts
an open notebook with pictures and writing on the pages, along with a notepad attached to it
Explore a new city
two white rocks with writing on them that say, make a safe dough imprint of the keys to your first apartment and first house to save as an awesome keepsake
A Sentimental Christmas Gift For Someone Who Just Moved
a mirror with sticky notes attached to it
Easy-Birthday Mirror Surprise
DIY memory jar
a heart shaped box filled with chocolates and candies on top of a table
Stylove Boxy