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an anime character with black hair and big eyes, painted in watercolor on white paper
Con algunos encargos editoriales pero siempre hay tiempo para un break y seguir…
an anime character with his arms in the air
a black background with an image of a fire hydrant
the many faces of gohan and vegeta from dragon ball zotai
Celebrando actriz María Félix.
an image of some cartoon characters flying through the air with clouds and lightnings in the background
What is Raditz potential In Dragon Ball | Dragon Ball Supers - Get the latest spoilers and character breakdown
the dragon ball character is in front of a purple sky with red and blue flames
a person with a tattoo on their arm
Son Goku, a young hero in a cloud with Power and Great Glory, fits onto a forearm as Dragon Ball sleeve - - Inked on Paul Bryk…
the character is flying through the air with his hair blowing in the wind and lightning behind him
two anime characters are fighting with each other
the blue gohan character from dragon ball
a cartoon character with blue hair and an angry look on his face, pointing to the side
a cartoon character flying through the air
the neon sign shows an image of a woman with long hair and headdress