Playa Blanca, Cartagena, Colombia. One of the amazing excursions on our…

Playa Blanca, Cartagena, Colombia - Pin for my brother, Kimball, when he misses Cartegena!

El Lago de Tota, Boyacá, Colombia

The Lago de Tota is the biggest lake in Colombia. There are several small islands, a perfect setting for a canoe or kayak ride across the lake. Also, you can try more adventurous watersports like water ski or diving.

Caño Cristales, Meta, Colombia

Amazing photos of the "liquid rainbow" river in colombia. you've got to see these! - There is a river in colombia, located in the serrania de la macarena province of meta, known to locals as "the river of five colors" or "the liquid rainbow".

Vacaciones !!!!

no me da verguenza de ser colombiano y te explico por que

Would not have guessed. San Andres, Colombia - Find out why we love Colombia:Dream destinations, Surreal Places To Visit

río Caño Cristales en la sierra de la Macarena en el departamento del Meta en Colombia

Photographer Olivier Grunewald Captures Cano Cristales – “River of Five Colors”