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an orange and white car with the words crush on it's decal sheet
Adesivos para miniaturas na escala 1/43 feito em decalque base d'água.branco ou transparente
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engine mechanical stroke
an advertisement for the italian grand prix, featuring several different types of logos and numbers
Tamiya 58036 Audi Quattro Rally
Tamiya 58036 Audi Quattro Rally decal - This is how the original Audi Quattro decal looked like. There were three sheets in the kit, A, B and C. A sheet is above, B and C are below.
various stickers are displayed on a piece of paper
10 Mixed Sheets Sticker Decal Car ATV Bike Racing Helmet Motorcross Dirt BMX NC | eBay
many different brands are shown together in this image
marcas de pneus - Pesquisa Google