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the best gluten free almond flour tortillas
Paleo Almond Flour Tortillas
These grain free and gluten free almond flour tortillas are pliable and delicious! They're also easy to make, nutritious, Paleo, Vegan, and use Whole30 compliant ingredients. Finally, you can enjoy tacos again!
two ingredient sweet potato tortillas in a food processor with text overlay reading palen free dairy free 2 ingredient sweet potato tortillas
Two Ingredient Sweet Potato Tortillas - Paleo Gluten Free
Sweet potato paleo tortillas made with two ingredients! An easy gluten free and paleo tortilla recipe. These tortillas are pliable, delicious, and easy to make! Best paleo diet tortilla recipe. #paleo
two bowls filled with vegetables and tortilla chips on top of a wooden table
Vegan Posole
Posole is a traditional Mexican stew that is frequently served on holidays and other celebrations. The star ingredient, hominy, is basically dried corn that has been alkalized in a mineral lime bath, which transforms the corn kernels into fat, tender, beanlike morsels. Traditional posole also features pork, but this vegan posole recipe replaces the meat with hearty ingredients like onions, carrots, potatoes, and plenty of chile peppers.
vegan shepherd's pie is an easy and delicious side dish that can be made in less than 30 minutes
Mushroom and Cauliflower Vegan Shepherds Pie {low carb}
The British classic gets a makeover with mushrooms and cauliflower. This is a low carb vegan shepherds pie that the whole family will love!
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a close up of a cake in a cup on a napkin with chocolate sprinkles
Chocolate Tofu Pudding
Chocolate Tofu Pudding - velvety smooth, chocolatey and unbelievably easy! Only three main ingredients and a few spices will make you a dessert you won't even believe is healthier!
three burgers stacked on top of each other with lettuce in the foreground
Chunky Portabella Mushroom Veggie Burgers
Healthy Cooking,: Chunky Portabella Veggie Burgers, Remove the fact that this Healthy recipe is cooked in a heavy amount of oil and it'll be awesome :)
three tacos with meat, onions and guacamole on a cutting board
Portobello Mushroom Tacos - Evergreen Kitchen
Smoky Portobello Mushroom Tacos
fried tofu nuggets with ketchup on the side
Quinoa Crusted Tofu Nuggets (Tofu "Chicken" Nuggets!)
Quinoa Crusted Tofu Nuggets (Tofu Chicken Nuggets!) #tofunuggets
tofu quinoa taco meat in a skillet with the title above it
Vegan Tofu Quinoa Taco Meat
Vegan Tofu Quinoa Taco Meat: A vegan taco meat replacement! It's naturally gluten free and is ready in about 10 minutes! || recipe
some food is on a white plate with chopsticks next to it and the title says sesame crusted tofu so good you won't believe it's tofu
Sesame Crusted Tofu
Move over bland tofu! This crispy Sesame Crusted Tofu is packed with so much flavor, you'll never believe it's tofu!
fried tofu nuggets with ketchup on the side
Quinoa Crusted Tofu Nuggets (Tofu "Chicken" Nuggets!)
Quinoa Crusted Tofu Nuggets (Tofu Chicken Nuggets!) #tofunuggets
the best vegan bacon recipe is made with only three ingredients and ready to be eaten
The Best Vegan Bacon: How To Make Vegan Bacon Using Rice Paper
Vegan bacon Recipe: Make Vegan Bacon Using Rice Paper
a hand dipping a tortilla chip into a bowl of white dip surrounded by chips
Vegan Caramelized Onion Garlic Dip - A Virtual Vegan
creamy garlic onion dip