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Цемент и дерево. Отличное сочетание!
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden shelf
there are two wooden shelves with plants in them on the wall next to each other
Styling Spaces: Studio & Showroom Decor — Indie Twenty Jewelry: Crafted & Curated Boho Jewelry & Outfits
three glass vases with plants in them hanging from a wooden frame on the wall
Easy DIY Wall Mounted Test Tube Vases
a vase with some flowers in it sitting on a wooden stand and holding something else
there are many plants in vases on the shelf
The Top 8 Propagation Stations for Plant Lovers - Make New Plants for FREE
two pictures of a cactus plant in a concrete container and another photo of a cement pot
DIY Concrete Planters Cast in REUSABLE MOLDS
there are three pictures showing how to make a concrete bowl
How to Make Quirky Hypertufa Planters
several grey planters sitting on top of a wooden table in a room filled with furniture