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an open notebook with colored pencils and markers on the desk next to it is a rainbow - themed design
Ahora a color❤ Todo vale la pena si te hace reir @lulyyg Síganme mandando frases @danielahoyos #zentangleconmigo #zentangletime #zentanglecondani#patrons #inspiration #colors #sharpies #sketch #colorful #loveart #zentangledailyzentangleartist #arte
some markers and pens are laying next to a coloring book with an image of mickey mouse
jujuju ola soi io miki maus ja ja, kieren entrar a mi ksa? pos adelante, bamos. jaja ksi lo olbido, para acer ke aparesca la ksa tenemos ke desir las palavras majicas, misca musca miki maus
two markers with mickey and minnie mouse faces on them, next to a notepad
I❤️Disney por eso hice un dibujo de Mickey y Minnie con mandalas #loveart
a coffee cup sitting next to a drawing on top of a wooden table with markers and pens
Mandalas comenta si a ti tambien te gustan las mandalas