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a pink cake with white daisies on it sitting on a gold plated stand
cheese and fruit are arranged on skewers with toothpicks in the shape of hearts
sandwiches and appetizers are arranged on plates
there are many cups that have food in them
fianceebodas on Twitter | Comida facil para fiestas, Comidas para bodas, Bandejas de comida
mini sandwiches with olives and ham on a cutting board
some meatballs with sauce and toothpicks on them
Italian finger food: small foccacia, meatballs with pesto noodles and pr ... Check more at ht...
cheeseburger meatball kabobs with ketchup and mustard
a table topped with lots of bottles of wine and glasses filled with ice next to flowers
several pastries are wrapped in newspaper on a plate
Molotes (Masa Empanadas) filled with Mushrooms, Roasted Green Chiles, and Cheese + Giveaway
molotes de masa (Empanadas)
sandwiches with lettuce and olives are arranged on a platter in front of wine glasses