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María José Rojas Garcia

María José Rojas Garcia
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We need answers for these films.

16 "High School Musical" Questions That Need To Be Answered Or Else I'm Calling Up Zac Efron's Mom

Funny Tom Hiddleston:When Avengers assemble to a local club

I want Loki and Captain America and The Black Widow and The Hulk to come to my birthday too. Especially if they bring Iron Man.--> I would like to have Loki over my birthday party

Or admiration<<Nope fear. Gordon Ramsey can handle adults being assholes, in fact that's half his career (the other half is him dealing with idiots) but I don't think he'd expect it from little kids.

A 9 years old girl on Master Chef. The last picture is a face of fear<<<no the last picture is him wondering if he had a child without knowing

Infinity panel

I know that everyone talks about the Chrises, but can we talk about the Toms for a minute. Tom Holland and Tom Hiddleston are both British, are both named Tom and their initials are "TH".