Creating an atmosphere, choosing furniture and decoration is useless if you don't think about light. The choice is vast, from the small lamp for the living room…
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Nuindie mini - SIGOR LICHT GMBH | MOM | #eclairage #eclairage-d-exterieur #eclairage-nomade #aluminium Design, Furniture, Living Room, Small Lamp, Garden Lights, Lighting Inspiration, Light Up, Led, Lighting
Nuindie mini - Éclairage nomade - SIGOR LICHT GMBH - Aluminium | MOM
Nuindie mini - SIGOR LICHT GMBH | MOM | #eclairage #eclairage-d-exterieur #eclairage-nomade #aluminium
two vases sitting on top of a shelf next to each other with flowers in them
Lampe à poser "L'ambiance Est Chaleureuse" - Aménagements pour bureau - AURA 3D - Autre | MOM
Lampe à poser "L'ambiance Est Chaleureuse" - AURA 3D | MOM | #eclairage #eclairage-d-interieur #lampes-de-table #autre
a dog laying on the floor next to a couch and coffee table in a living room
Suspension SINGING BRUT D124cm - Suspensions - RIF LUMINAIRES - Bois | MOM
Suspension SINGING BRUT D124cm - RIF LUMINAIRES | MOM | #eclairage #eclairage-d-interieur #suspensions #bois
three marbled vases sitting on top of a wooden table next to a brick wall
Luxy Candlesticks - Candlesticks and candle holders - MAISON ZOE - Stone | MOM
Luxy Candlesticks - MAISON ZOE | MOM | #lighting #outdoor-lighting #moveable-lighting #stone
a wall mounted light with a white shade on it's side and a black arm
TORSO wall lamp - Wall lamps - LUXCAMBRA - Cotton - Metal | MOM
TORSO wall lamp - LUXCAMBRA | MOM | #lighting #indoor-lighting #wall-lamps #cotton #metal
a blue light hanging from a ceiling in a room with a lamp on the other side
Pendants ABYSSE - Art glass - FLUÏD - Glass | MOM
Pendants ABYSSE - FLUÏD | MOM | #lighting #indoor-lighting #hanging-lights #glass
a lamp sitting on top of a table next to a stone bench in a room
a living room filled with furniture and a book shelf next to a white couch on top of a hard wood floor
Floor lamp\" Praying Mantis\” Natural Oak Finish - Design objects - RISPAL - Wood | MOM
an overhead view of a round light fixture on the ceiling in a room with grey walls
Iris wall lamp. - Art glass - ATELIER STOKOWSKI - Glass - Brass | MOM
a living room scene with focus on the floor lamp, sofa and wall behind it
Cercle et trait - Liseuse - Lampadaires - CVL LUMINAIRES | MOM
an assortment of hanging lights in various colors on a dark background with no one around them
Luminaires Les Petites Suspensions - Suspensions extérieures - CIDER | MOM
a black and gold floor lamp on a grey wall
Notre collection de lampes. - Pièces uniques - OBJET DE CURIOSITÉ | MOM
a green bookcase filled with books next to a white vase and lamp on top of a table
Shahin Lamps - Suspensions - DESIGN BY US - Métal - Verre | MOM
a modern kitchen with marble counter tops and pendant lights hanging from the ceiling above it
Eleanor Lighting - Objets design - SPECKTRUM - Verre | MOM
a white lamp on a blue wall next to a wooden table with a potted plant
Wally Lampe - Appliques - HÜBSCH - Verre - Fer | MOM