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femkejournal: Megan De Prins & India Salvor Menuez by Harley Weir for Pop, Fall 2014

Pop My Eyes is one of the modern artists who's truly managing to stand out from the crowd. His creations do exactly what his name suggests, a label he proudly

Dean, Graham : Close-up Kiss, 1988 (w/c o.

digital collage by

Surrealism, Surreal Art

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A selection of delicate leaf sculptures by artist Susanna Bauer, which uses dried tree leaves and sewn them with thread to create subtle and fragile assemb

beautifulbizarremagazine: Brooke Shaden growth IG ‘For everyone in the world who needs someone, which is to say, everyone - My greatest hope is that we find those who we need and who need us most.

juxtaposition photos Love how 2 texturally different items are composed together in this design. Shape wise they are similar, so it creates an interesting design compare and contrast idea.