Ajiaco Santafereño ( = from Santa Fe de Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia)... a delicious soup and one of the best dishes of Colombian cuisine. Ajiaco is a chicken soup, with four kinds of potatoes, one of the most important ones being the "papa criolla", a small yellow potato, "guasca", an irreplaceable herb, and topped with corn on the cob, capers, cream, avocado, etc.

Ajiaco Colombiano (Colombian Chicken and Potato Soup)

Ajiaco Colombiano - There are different versions of Ajiaco Bogotano , but it’s usually made with chicken and three kinds of potatoes, corn and an herb called guascas.

Bogota, Colombia.....La Candelaria HDR by messiahy, via Flickr

\'La Candelaria, the old quarter of Colombia's capital, is replete with cobbled .

Bogota, Colombia #WorldOfOrange love the bold colors

what attention to tasteful details! two perfect complementary colors, orange striped curtain, mosaic flower pots and a charming blue-awning on the birdcage!

La localidad de La Candelaria de Bogotá es el corazón histórico y cultural de la ciudad. Como en sus comienzos la actividad comercial de la ciudad se movía colina abajo y hacia el norte, la arquitectura colonial se pudo mantener casi intacta. El centro histórico de Bogotá es uno de los mejor preservados en Latinoamérica.

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mini-libraries in bogota, colombia!

Library in the park, Bogota. This stand makes part of the Paradero Para Libros Para Parques (PPP), a program created about 10 years ago to help promote literacy across the country. The program is part of Fundalectura in association with city parks.