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a painting of a woman in a silver dress holding a pair of scissors and wearing a tiara
three different images of the same person with blue eyes and curly hair, one is looking at the camera
Sedame a besos escuchando r&b
a painting of a woman wearing a chain around her head
Reto Histórico / (@RetoHistorico) / Twitter
Stitching the Standard by Edmund Leighton, 1911. (detail) #Art #inspiration
a man sitting on top of a rock next to a giant dragon flying over him
Invigorating Words.
nigra-lux: DORÉ, Gustave (1832-1883) Illustration for John Milton’s Paradise Lost, detail1866EngravingEd. Orig.
a painting of a young man with red hair and eyeliners, holding his arm over his shoulder
“Lucifer tras ser expulsado del cielo por rebelarse contra Dios Esconde su rostro, no quiere mostrar el dolor que siente ante los ángeles que revolotean sobre él. Su expresividad queda recogida en la mirada llena de ira, odio y rencor” Pintura “El ángel caído” Alexandre Cabanel
a painting of a woman with red hair and blue eyes looking to her left side
Te lo dije
Un recordatorio eterno en la boca de cada una de las personas que me rodean. Gritando mi derrota, enterrandome cada vez más en el hoyo. Mi peor pesadilla hecha realidad. "Eso no va a salir bien, no...
a close up of a painting of a woman with flowers in her hair and eyes
This Ivy House
wasbella102: George Frederick Watts: Choosing Artist’s wife, Dame EllenTerry c.1864 (Detail)
two red and yellow flowers in a vase on a brown background with the words happy mother's day written below it
Las flores de Igor Levashov.
Por Amor al Arte: Las flores de Igor Levashov.
a drawing of a horse and skull on the ground in front of a man with a hat
a drawing of a man riding on the back of a horse next to another man
Captive centaur (love will tame the beast)