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the movie poster for fight club features a man in sunglasses and a suit sitting at a table
a movie poster for anatomy of a fall with two people on skis in the snow
the movie poster for close with two people running through a flowery field in front of them
Close (2022)
the poster for the film, the fabelman's
"The Fabelmans": Analysis and Review
the poster for gravity and gravity, which is written in white on a black background
23 affiches magnifiques qui fêtent la typographie avec style
23 affiches magnifiques qui fêtent la typographie avec style – Blog Shane
the lobster movie poster with man holding paper in front of his face and pointing at it
Meet the artist behind Yorgos Lanthimos’s uniquely intriguing film posters
the movie poster for le grand bleu
the book cover for superman, with a red line in the middle and blue background
Grid Movie Posters
Grid Movie Posters by Michal Krasnopolski, via Behance
a car is flying through the air next to a record
Great film with an amazing soundtrack, also great art for this poster by Matt Taylor
the poster for rock'n'roll is shown in black and orange with stairs going up
Des affiches de films et séries revisitées par des graphistes