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Currently incarcerated in Colorado "This piece of art shows the sorrow & realization of Adam & Eve disobeying god… & Eve handing the apple to Adam who is broken in pieces by Eve… And shows how the serpent is wrapped tightly to Eve’s hand conquering her decision, the serpent is going in & out of Adam also…"
"And the Lord  God said unto the woman, What is  this that  thou hast done? And the woman said, The serpent beguiled me, and I did ea...


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two women sitting on a couch in front of a mirror with the caption that reads,
a man and woman with blood on their faces, one holding the other's head
a painting of a woman holding an apple with flames coming out of her face and hands
the quote you did nothing wrong i broke my own heart, in believing that a person like you could ever resemble a person i need
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L. Prang & Co. - Trade card - c. 1876-1890 - via NYPL Sketches, Dieren, Cute, Frog, Cartoon, Cute Art
L. Prang & Co. - Trade card - c. 1876-1890 - via NYPL
three skeleton images with the caption'our last time we were ever said '
four different types of eyes with tears on them
an apple is sitting on top of a woman's head
a drawing of a man with his mouth open and hands on his chest, in front of a white background
a black and white drawing of a woman's face with her hands in the air
состояние души.. | Dark art illustrations, Surreal art, Scary art