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two birds sitting on top of a tree branch next to water and trees with flowers
the girl is holding balloons and flowers in her hand
an illustration of a girl in pink and blue with flowers on the bottom, butterflies flying over her
a woman taking a selfie with her phone in front of flowers and blue tiles
an image of peaches in a juicer with instructions to make them tasteless
an illustration of oranges and flowers in vases on a table with plates, napkins and utensils
a drawing of a cup of coffee with ice cream, waffles and strawberries
pink flowers are on display with an envelope
an image of some cake and flowers on a plate with the words happy birthday written in chinese
two pies on a table with flowers and a teapot
watercolor painting of cherries and peaches with chinese writing
there is a page in the book that shows an image of a train going over a bridge