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I Can’t Handle All These Emotions Fun Facts, Writing Advice, Writing Prompts, In A Nutshell, Always Learning, Mind Blown, I Cant, Ra College, College Life

I Can’t Handle All These Emotions

Education: 3 Simple Prewriting Strategies

3 Simple Prewriting Strategies

Prewriting Strategies... lots of writing processes summed up.

Warning: These 5 Points Will Help You Create Awesome Female Villains Vale, Miu Miu Ballet Flats, Dance Shoes, Google Ru, Sandals, Sneakers, Dark Fantasy, Fashion, Scary

Warning: These 5 Points Will Help You Create Awesome Female Villains

These are all good ones. The 'tragic past' can be a bit annoying after a while imo tbh :/ Writing Quotes, Writing Boards, Writing Ideas, Writing Advice, Writing A Book, Writing Help, Creative Writing, Writing Inspiration, Writing Resources

This barely scratches the surface. I'll get to writing about antagonist motives on Writingeekery eventually.

9 Simple and Powerful Ways to Write Body Language | Jeni Chappelle.  Excellent article with great tips! Writing Words, Writing Help, Writing Quotes, Writing Skills, Writing Advice, Writing A Book, Writing Ideas, Writing Guide, Writing Workshop

Nine ways to help students add more detail to their writing in terms of body language and position. Adding details about body language adds to the realism and effectiveness of writing.

Something that often bothers me in books is unrealistic injuries. Authors can tend to overplay the effect of the injury, or underplay it. Both are equally annoying, coming from someone who's broken... Writing Resources, Writing Tips, Writing Boards, Writing A Book, Writing Help, Writing Characters, Writing Quotes, Fiction Writing, Writing Process

Realistic Injuries

How to write realistic injuries // trigger warning of course (blood, injuries, broken bones)

Did you know - the most important thing in a fight is to find the flow of control it. Everything you wanted to know about sword-fighting! Writing Quotes, Writing Advice, Writing Help, Writing A Book, Writing Resources, Writing Prompts, Writing Lab, Writing Workshop, Writing Ideas

Win a Swordfight

How to win a swordfight. Nice article, but the picture is weird. Is that lady pregnant and sword fighting?