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Bueno Son Más De 50 Espero Comentarios Buenos :) Mis 5 Favoritas!: Acá Las Demás: Naruto Y Uno De Bleach.

. #Anime Clothing Many times anime characters dress in regular clothes, so how can we make our outfits look more like theirs? Layering and accessories! Every layer should be visible with some type of visual interest, ether contrasting colors, or textures like lace or leather together.  Adding different lengths is a good way to add interest as well.   Accessories are a must, you don't Need a belt, it just looks good, maybe even two.  Try adding accessories to copy placement you see on…

Ella esta llevando un cinturón Ella esta llevando una pulsera Ella esta llevando una collar El cinturón cuesta diez euros La pulsera cuesta veinte euros La collar cuesta veintidós