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Dare to Flare Spring Trends, Dares, High Waisted Skirt, Peplum, Loft, Blouse, Casual, Fabric, Skirts

Dare to Flare

Style credit: Nothing better to rock up your day, but to be truly outstanding in your outfit for the day! We are currently craving for peplums, a spring trend that stands out amongst the rest. Peplum is a short, flared strip of fabric attached at the waist of a jacket, dress, blouse or even…

The Rendezvous Curiosity Box, Minimal Makeup, Marlow, Junya Watanabe, Prabal Gurung, Ruffle Skirt, Textured Hair, Camisole, High Waisted Skirt

The Rendezvous

Style credit: White shirt pairing tip #4: look stylish with this out-of-bed look. This look is effortless, minimalist, sort of like you just strolled out of bed. This conventionally applies to minimal makeup or hair texture - today, we will share tips on how to achieve that look with fashion. Key steps: 1. Choose…

Walking On Sunshine One Fine Day, Walk On, Sunny Days, Sunnies, Sunshine, Loft, Style, Fashion, Moda

Walking On Sunshine

Style credit: This image reminds me of one fine day at Hyde Park, London. It is one of those gorgeous sunny days when life seemed a breeze and there were virtually nothing you needed to worry about, sort out or think about for that matter. It was like walking on sunshine. The art of…

Smell The Flowers I Am Awesome, Loft, Flowers, Style, Fashion, Moda, La Mode, Lofts, Fasion

Smell The Flowers

Style credit: Yesterdays. How many days do you wish to relive? After a long week at work, today, I took a little stroll down memory lane. Some family chat time about my "good ole" university days jolted my memory and reminded me of something that I had once again forgotten: " to smell the flowers…

Against All Odds Nicholas Kirkwood, Stand Tall, Elizabeth And James, Michael Kors Watch, Alexander Wang, Chloe, Polo Shirt, Loft, Pants

Against All Odds

Style credit: Better to have loved and lost, or never at all? Every once in awhile, life requires us to stand up against the wall. Doesn't it? What doesn't break you indeed makes you stronger. The beauty of style is that we now have ways to stand tall. Evidently, isn't it an irony that despite…

Painting Black And White Crisp White Shirt, Black Pants, Loft, Pairs, Black And White, Classic, Painting, Style, Fashion

Painting Black And White

Style Credit: We promised you great tips on how to pair whites, here's tip #1 (the Classic Statement). 1. For a softer look, fix up a stunning look with a serious pair of black pants and a silk white shirt (instead of a crisp white shirt). 2. Toughen it up with minimal but statement…

No Strings Attached No Strings Attached, Zoe Karssen, White Tees, Boyfriend, Mini Skirts, Topshop, Loft, Lace Up, Casual

No Strings Attached

Style credit: White shirt pairing tip #2: White tee & mini skirts for a casual Friday at work. Sounds too good to be true? Now you too can reminisce those casual and care-free college days. We used to grab whatever we could find in our closet such as simple tees and iron-free bottoms. The only…

Off To Brunch Wool Skirts, Proenza Schouler, Leather Satchel, Workout Shirts, A Line Skirts, Jimmy Choo, Versace, Brunch, Loft

Off To Brunch

Style credit: Hi everyone! It's Monday yet again, we'll do our best to wipe away your blues with this entry, and something for you to experiment with this weekend. White shirt pairing tip #3: Have and look fun with a white shirt and a cheerful bright A-Line skirt. Red is the new black. No…

Let’s Get Physical Opening Ceremony, Physics, That Look, Blues, Loft, Let It Be, Style, Fashion, Moda

Let’s Get Physical

Style credit: Having a mid-week crisis at work? Or still feeling the Monday extended blues? If so, here's something to look forward to; we are only TWO days away before the opening ceremony of the London Olympics 2012. As we count down towards the grand event, we are jumping on the bandwagon to unveil…

Centre Of Attention Grand Opening, Centre, Loft, Style, Fashion, Moda, La Mode, Lofts, Fasion

Centre Of Attention

Style credit: We hope to catch the grand opening of Olympics today. It's a much awaited event, following the Royal Wedding last April. If you are a skater, you must know what it feels like to be twirling gloriously on the rink. It's almost like the whole universe has come to a stop, and…

Strictly Speaking Gucci Watch, 3 4 Sleeve Shirt, Burberry Brit, Look Chic, Green And Orange, Classic Looks, Loft, Classy, Formal

Strictly Speaking

Style credit: White shirt pairing tip #5: Modernise the classic look with colours. If you, are like many of us with a corporate job, we are often required to look chic and formal. Ever wondered how colours and classy interplay? Here's how: 1. Choose bright colours that match: green and orange, or for a…

Blazingly Trendy Types Of Blazers, Humid Weather, You Look, Loft, Tees, Clothes, Style, Fashion, Outfit

Blazingly Trendy

Style credit: Happy Friday everyone! Today, we will talk about blazers which will make you look amazing! We love blazers, they are definitely the new tees. It's rather unfortunate that in Asia, especially with humid weather, we are unable to layer our clothes. That said, there are many types of blazers you could choose…

A Whiff of Pink Vanilla Pink Chiffon Dress, That Look, Take That, Boyfriend Blazer, Celine Luggage, Shopping Spree, Vanilla, Topshop, Loft

A Whiff of Pink Vanilla

Style credit: A way to beat the much dreaded Monday blues is to be able to look in your closet and find something new which you haven't worn (especially when a shoe-shopping spree is not an option). Yesterday, I took a peek at mine and found an untouched a salmon-pink chiffon dress! A combination…

Stripes on Fire Clare Vivier, Maje, Diva, Loft, Stripes, Blazer, Dresses, Style, Fashion

Stripes on Fire

Style credit: Thank God It's Friday! Things have been so busy of late for us, the week seemed to have swung by in a haze. We have been meeting with our vendors, suppliers and service providers, whilst cracking our heads over the next interesting post to keep your attention and interests guarded. Tough job…