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Adorable. What a great expression. Angeles, Appaloosa, Friends, People, Lovely, Malinois, Adorable, Hilarious, Glad
Your Life YOUR Way
Adorable. What a great expression.
two dogs and a baby are standing in the bathtub looking up at each other
Happy Monday!
no you go first!
a dog and a horse are on the road
Great Swiss Mountain Dog - Postcard - 1
Best Friends
a cat sitting on top of a chicken that is standing next to it's head
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"What? The horse was busy & the pig was muddy....."
a man holding a large stuffed animal on his back while standing in front of a field
Give a hug
a dog is playing with another dog in the grass and has it's front paws on its back
Dachshund Parade
{a hug for the day!}
Muddy hugs Dogs And Puppies, Puppy Love, Animais
Muddy hugs
a young boy standing on a stool next to a large black dog in a kitchen
kiddo, pup and batter.
a small child is holding a cat in her arms and it's head on the arm
completely adorable. Funny Dogs, Humour, Memes Humour, Big Dogs, Funny Cute, Humor, Memes Humor
Animals – theCHIVE
completely adorable.
Dog, Animals, Kids, Golden Retriever, Retriever
Faith, Hope and Love
a small child feeding a horse from a metal bowl
an old black and white photo of a young boy sitting in a chair with a dog
Two Friends
::::::::: Vintage Photograph ::::::::: Young boy and his dog. 1900.